A‑Z Film List


A Golden Life

In Burkina Faso, young men look under the earth for gold – and a better future. As a result, 16-year-old Rasmané barely seems like a teenager any more. This mainly observational film follows him into the 100-metre abyss of small-scale mining. 

A Rainbow to Turtle Island

This portrait showcases artist Robbie Tait Jr. and demonstrates the transformative power of art. It introduces his project, Turtle Island Handbook, born from the desire to convey his culture and family heritage through his drawings. It also addresses the political aspect of his art through Rainbow Tears, inspired by the story of political prisoner Leonard Peltier. 

After Work

In 1958, Hannah Arendt predicted a society without work. After Work explores this current reality and the quest for meaning in economies such as Italy, the USA, South Korea and Kuwait. 

Been There

The desire to travel is strong, but the places we visit are crowded. What do we get out of it, if not proof in pictures that we've been there? How tourists, in search of the best photos, become invaders. 

Boat People

As a child in Vietnam, Thao’s mother often rescued ants from bowls of sugar water. Years later they would return the favour. Boat People is an animated documentary that uses a striking metaphor to trace one family’s flight across the turbulent waters of history. 

Bye Bye Tiberias

Hiam Abbass left her Palestinian village to pursue her dream of becoming an actress in Europe, leaving behind her mother, grandmother, and seven sisters. Thirty years later, her daughter Lina, a filmmaker, returns with her to trace the lost places and scattered memories of four generations of Palestinian women. 


Once a year, people from different marginalized communities meet together in the woods to delve into the art of circus and have this discipline become a common way to express themselves, away from the city. 


Claude, an octogenarian, finds his daily life boring in his small bedroom. Yet behind his bitterness lies a humorous philosopher and a forgotten artist. This short film explores the moving relationship between illness, art and memory. 


Since 2010, Parthenais has become home to a queer community in Montreal. They share a triplex, creating memories between the dilapidated walls. Twelve years later, a wealthy family bought the building, marking the end of an era of gentrification. 

King Coal

The central Appalachian region, associated with coal mining, shapes local life. Elaine McMillion Sheldon's documentary weaves the past and present myths of this unique region. "King Coal" poetically explores the transformation of this environment, dominated by wild beauty and mysterious stories. 

Le balai libéré

In the 1970s, cleaning ladies from the Catholic University of Louvain threw out their employer and founded Le Balai Libéré, a cleaning cooperative. Decades later, today's staff question the relevance of bossless work by meeting these pioneers. 


Every week, two friends born 67 years apart share their life stories in the lounge of a retirement home. The younger one convinces the 107-year-old to join her on a road trip to the sea. 


Ten years after the opening of the gigantic Malartic open-pit gold mine, the hoped-for economic miracle is a mirage. Main Street is not prospering, with no demographic gain. Director Nicolas Paquet exposes an opaque decision-making system that excludes citizens. 

On the Adamant

L'Adamant, a unique day center floating on the Seine in Paris, provides a therapeutic environment for adults suffering from mental disorders. This film explores the encounters between patients and carers, resisting the dehumanization of psychiatry. 

People of the sea

During the short lobster season, fishermen and plant workers are the economic mainstays of the Magdalen Islands. In a market dominated by the United States, the fragility of the fishery and the future of seafaring and island culture are obvious. 

The Flag

Yasser, a human rights activist, explores Paris to share a neglected truth, while Joseph, a filmmaker, accompanies him to analyze France's identitarian withdrawal through the evolution of political and media discourse over five decades. Their quest confronts the present with history to grasp the continuing regression of our freedoms. 

Twice Colonized

Aaju Peter embarks on a quest to recover her language and culture, from which she was cut off by colonial assimilation policies. Her personal journey, filmed over seven years, shows how courage, emotion and conviction can combine to have a lasting influence on the course of history. 

Vibrations from Gaza

Vibrations from Gaza delves into the lives of deaf children in Gaza, who witness the violence of Israeli military operations. Amani, Musa, Israa and others share their poignant memories of bombings, drones and collapsing buildings. The film also questions the origin of their deafness: natural or caused by Israeli sonic weapons.