Atik, gardien du territoire

Jean-Luc Kanapé, an Innu from Pessamit, guides us along the trail of the last caribou herds on his community's ancestral territory. 


Jean-Luc Kanapé, an Innu from Pessamit, guides us along the trail of the last herds of caribou on his community's ancestral territory. Having traded his role as a hunter for that of a caribou protector, he is committed to safeguarding the animal and its vast territory. Atiku, Guardian of the Land is an ode to the beauty of nature, to cultural transmission, and serves as a final reminder of the critical situation of the forest caribou in Quebec. It is also a tribute to this essential animal in Innu culture. Following the populations of Val-d’Or, Charlevoix, and Gaspésie, the Pipmuacan caribou will be the next to disappear if nothing changes.

Theme(s): , Colonialism, Environnement, First nations


Director | , Guillaume Langlois, Nicolas Lévesque
Year | , 2024
Country | , Québec
Duration | 52 minutes
Original language | , abenaki, Atikamekw, French, Innu
Subtitles | , French
Image | Guillaume Langlois, Nicolas Lévesque
Sound | Olivier Calvert
Editing | Natacha Dufaux
Production | Jean-Philippe Archibald



Guillaume Langlois


Born in Montreal, Guillaume Langlois lives and works in Saguenay. After studying arts, political science, and cinema, he made his mark as an editor before establishing himself as a documentary filmmaker. He now combines this role with that of a teacher-researcher at the School of Art and Media Technology.


Nicolas Lévesque


Nicolas Lévesque is a photographer and filmmaker from Québec, Canada. After his studies in photography, arts and cinema, he co-founds the KAHEM photographers association. His work takes shape in the concept of the various degrees of acceptation in a given reality/context. His cameras brought him in many places in the world, especially in South America for documentary projects. He works with the National film board of Canada and the national television network, Télé-Québec. Granted by the SODEC in 2014, he is writing his first documentary feature film.



8 August 2024 at 20h30


A discussion with the director Nicolas Lévesque will follow the screening.