A Rainbow to Turtle Island

This portrait showcases artist Robbie Tait Jr. and demonstrates the transformative power of art. It introduces his project, Turtle Island Handbook, born from the desire to convey his culture and family heritage through his drawings. It also addresses the political aspect of his art through Rainbow Tears, inspired by the story of political prisoner Leonard Peltier. 


This portrait introduces artist Robbie Tait Jr. and demonstrates the transformative power of art. He walks us through his Turtle Island Handbook project which arose from a desire to transmit his culture and family heritage through his drawings. He also addresses the political side of his art through his Rainbow Tears project, inspired by a story about the political prisoner Leonard Peltier.

Theme(s): , Culture, First nations, Identity, Portrait


Director | , Robbie Tait Jr
Year | , 2022
Country | , Québec
Duration | 6 minutes
Original language | , English
Subtitles | , French
Sound | Ashlyn Winter Jerome, Jeanne Lorrain, Rebecca Lessard
Music | Arish Ahmad Khan, George Paul, Musique Nomade
Editing | Jeanne Lorrain, Rebecca Lessard
Production | Wapikoni Mobile
Distribution | Wapikoni Mobile
Screenplay | Robbie Tait J.
Camera | Ashlyn Winter Jerome, Gabrielle Rioux, Jeanne Lorrain, Rebecca Lessard
Animation | Ashlyn Winter Jerome



Robbie Tait Jr


Robbie Tait Jr. is a visual artist born and raised in Montreal to an army brat who came from Listuguj, Quebec. With many family members still there, he grew up visiting often and maintaining a connection to his Mik'maq roots. His grandmother, a survivor of Residential schooling, and his mother's desire to reclaim her lost culture, shaped his worldview. Never feeling like he fit into urban life, he followed his desire to return home and now resides in Gesgapegiag. His knowledge of old stories and his culture became a focal point of his art and he is finally beginning to take his work out of the studio for the first time. A Rainbow to Turtle Island is his first film.


RIDM - Rencontres internationales du documentaire de Montréal



24 July 2024 at 20h45

Parc des Compagnons-de-Saint-Laurent 

This film is included in screening Short film competition – Programme #3