Gilles Perret

Photo du réalisateur

Gilles Perret has directed numerous documentaries, all deeply rooted in his homeland, the Alps. By focusing on his valley neighbors, he addresses the realities of politics, economy, and society, using the local as a lens to narrate the global. This unique perspective has contributed to the success of his recent films like Ma mondialisation, Walter, retour en résistance, De mémoires d’ouvriers, and Les Jours heureux. He co-directed J'veux du soleil (2019) with François Ruffin, a journey across France during the Yellow Vest movement, and Debout les femmes! (2020), a parliamentary road movie meeting women caring for our children, sick, and elderly.


J'veux du soleil (avec François Ruffin, 2019)
Debout les femmes ! (avec François Ruffin, 2020)
L'insoumis (2017)
Les jours heureux (2013)
Ma mondialisation (2006)