Joseph Paris

Photo du réalisateur

Joseph Paris, a pioneer in the use of open licenses in video art, co-founded the collective Kassandre with other filmmakers, blending formal and legal experimentation. He contributed to the series Exterminate All The Brutes by Raoul Peck for HBO and directed "Mourir gracieusement," a 24-hour live cinema event on YouTube. Recently, "La Nuit des hiéroglyphes" at the Institut de France marks his fourth collaboration with Benjamin Lazar, following video creations for "Heptaméron" and Maldoror," and the film La Forêt des masques,"featured in the 2022 Toyen exhibition at the Musée d'art moderne de Paris.


The Forest of Masks (2022)
To die gracefully (2019)
An unexpected sight (2017)


The Flag

Yasser, a human rights activist, explores Paris to share a neglected truth, while Joseph, a filmmaker, accompanies him to analyze France's identitarian withdrawal through the evolution of political and media discourse over five decades. Their quest confronts the present with history to grasp the continuing regression of our freedoms.