Sarah Baril Gaudet

Photo du réalisateur

Sarah Baril Gaudet is a Montreal-based director and cinematographer. In 2016, she completed a bachelor’s degree in cinema at UQÀM where she obtained the “Best Documentary Hope” grant. Her first short film, Living Here, stood out in several international festivals. Sarah completed in 2020 her first feature documentary, Passage, selected at RIDM and nominated at Quebec Cinema Gala for Best cinematography in a documentary.


Celles qui luttent (Sisters of Wrestling) - 2023
Documentary / Canada / 67min

Les Bienveillants (The Benevolents) - 2021
Documentary / Canada / 16min

Passage - 2020
Documentary / Canada / 81min

Avant l’Automne (Before Fall) - 2019
Documentary / Canada / 14min

Là où je vis (Living Here) - 2017
Documentary / Canada / 17min