Canadian Premiere

Low-Tech – Les Bâtisseurs du Monde d'Après

In contrast to high-tech, low-tech promotes an ecological and local approach, favoring techniques that are simple, sustainable and accessible to all. A citizens' collective is campaigning to popularize this approach, using accessible tools to produce energy, repair machines and create means of production in various sectors such as agriculture and industry. 


In opposition to high-tech, low-tech is an ecological and local approach that involves designing or disseminating simple, sustainable, and accessible techniques and know-how. A group of citizens is fighting to democratize this approach, whether it's for energy generation, repairing everyday machines, or building their own means of production in agriculture or industry. With tools within everyone's reach.

Theme(s): , Climate Crisis, Economy, Environnement, Technology


Director | , Adrien Bellay
Year | , 2022
Country | , France
Duration | 93 minutes
Original language | , French
Subtitles | , English
Image | Baptiste Enard, Douglas Dutton
Sound | Martin Sadoux, Nicolas Samarine, Rémi Chanaud, Toni Di Rocco, Yann Hudault
Editing | Thibault Louis



Adrien Bellay


Adrien Bellay spent his childhood in the south of France where his parents ran a traveling cinema circuit. They organized festivals of socially conscious cinema and supported film education programs. Influenced by these images and armed with a camera from a young age, he was particularly drawn to editing. He studied audiovisual production to understand its mechanisms. In Paris, he collaborated on editing documentaries for cinema, driven by a desire to show more complexity. Transitioning from editing to directing became necessary: in a world in crisis, showcasing ecological possibilities became essential. Thus began the adventure of "The Awakening of Permaculture". Strengthened in his convictions, Adrien made new connections and trained in scriptwriting. He continued his ecological research work, convinced that cinema has a role to play in transforming perceptions. Following the previous project, a new documentary dedicated to concrete alternatives emerged: "Low-Tech".


CPH:DOX · Festival International du Film Vert · Cinéma For Change · Festival International du Film Ecologique et Social · Brussels International Film Festival · Festival International du Film d’Environnement



14 August 2024 at 20h15

Place Publique 

A discussion with a specialist on the subject will follow the screening.