Coline Grando

Photo du réalisateur

Born in France, Coline Grando earned a master's degree in Directing from the Institute of Broadcasting Arts in 2015, with her final student film, a fiction short called Les Saisons (The Seasons). She directed her first documentary film, La Place de l’homme (The Place of Man), produced by the Brussels Video Center in 2017. In 2019, she continued exploring the theme of abortion, this time from the perspective of the doctors who perform it, with Les mains des femmes (The Hands of Women), a film commissioned by the Secular Federation of Family Planning Centers and the CVB.


La Place de l’homme (2017).
Les mains des femmes (2019)


Le balai libéré

In the 1970s, cleaning ladies from the Catholic University of Louvain threw out their employer and founded Le Balai Libéré, a cleaning cooperative. Decades later, today's staff question the relevance of bossless work by meeting these pioneers.