Short film competition

For the past 10 years, Funambules Médias' Cinéma sous les étoiles has been organizing a competition for short documentaries to celebrate the quality of works created here and elsewhere. After receiving nearly 200 short films, our programming team selected 25 films. In addition to seeking a strong authorial point of view, we paid particular attention to the aesthetic quality and cinematography of the submitted documentaries, with a view to balancing art and social engagement.


The short film program is divided into 3 categories: Quebec programming, Canadian programming and International programming. A jury composed of animation professor will award prizes from among the films in competition. During our evening of award winning short films, we will unveil the winners of our competition and present filmmakers with their prizes.

Punchline Award – given in the Quebec Programming category to the film that stands out for its strength of expression. Prize of $3000 in services given by Vidéographe and $2500 in services given by SLA Location.

Cinematography Award – given in the Quebec Programming category to the film that stands out for its cinematographic qualities and artistic direction. Prize of $2000 in production services awarded by Main Film and $1500 in services awarded by Bande à part.

Best Emerging Filmmaker Award – awarded in the Quebec Programming category, the award will be given to a first-time director. A $8,000 residency at Paraloeil.

Best Canadian Short Film Award - given in the Canadian Programming category. $500 cash prize awarded by the Documentary Network and $500 cash prize awarded by Les Films du 3 Mars and an annual Pro subscription worth $225 from DOC Québec.

Best International Short Film - awarded in the International Programming category. Prize of $300 in cash, awarded by Tënk.

Student Favorite Award, in the Quebec Programming category, will be awarded by a jury of students. A $2,500 service award presented by Royal Photo.

The trophies awarded to the winners will be forged by Forges de Montréal.

Thanks to our various partners, Le Cinéma sous les étoiles will be awarding prizes with a total value of more than $20,000.