Quebec Premiere

Nous n'avons pas peur des ruines

Mitsotakis succeeds Tsipras in Greece, aiming to suppress Exarcheia. Resistance intensifies, uniting other European cities. Struggles erupt across the country for land, sea, and life. 


Greece, 2019 to 2023. Mitsotakis replaces Tsipras in power in Greece, promising to put an end to Exarcheia, a rebellious and supportive district of Athens. But resistance organizes and reinforcements arrive from other European cities. The rallying cry becomes "No Pasaran!" Over the years, other struggles spread from north to south of Greece to defend the land, the sea, and life: in Crete, in Thessaly, in Epirus... Even on the island of Paros in the Cyclades, the population protests on the beaches turned into paid ones and manages to make them a common good again, for everyone's happiness. When everything seems to collapse, in Athens as elsewhere, the same response is heard: "we are not afraid of ruins, we carry a new world in our hearts

Theme(s): , Democracy, Human Rights, Politics, Social struggle


Director | , Yannis Youlountas
Year | , 2024
Country | , Greece
Duration | 78 minutes
Original language | , French, greek
Subtitles | , French
Image | Maud Youlountas, Yannis Youlountas
Sound mixing | Berceau D’un Autre Monde
Editing | Maud Youlountas, Yannis Youlountas



Yannis Youlountas


A Franco-Greek philosopher and film-maker, Yannis Youlountas is also a leader of children's tea parties, a researcher in cooperative pedagogy, and a critic of the media's fabrication of opinion. Since 2008, he has been taking part in events in Greece, reporting them in articles, photos, books and films, and organizing solidarity actions and convoys. Yannis has been a member of several of the collectives featured on the screen, particularly in Exarcheia and Crete, for the past fifteen years.



26 July 2024 at 20h45

Square Dézéry 

A discussion with a specialist on the subject will follow the screening.