Adrien Bellay

Photo du réalisateur

Adrien Bellay spent his childhood in the south of France where his parents ran a traveling cinema circuit. They organized festivals of socially conscious cinema and supported film education programs. Influenced by these images and armed with a camera from a young age, he was particularly drawn to editing. He studied audiovisual production to understand its mechanisms. In Paris, he collaborated on editing documentaries for cinema, driven by a desire to show more complexity. Transitioning from editing to directing became necessary: in a world in crisis, showcasing ecological possibilities became essential. Thus began the adventure of "The Awakening of Permaculture". Strengthened in his convictions, Adrien made new connections and trained in scriptwriting. He continued his ecological research work, convinced that cinema has a role to play in transforming perceptions. Following the previous project, a new documentary dedicated to concrete alternatives emerged: "Low-Tech".


L’Eveil de la permaculture (2017)