Sisters of Wrestling

Sisters of Wrestling paints an intimate portrait of Azaelle, Loue O’Farrell, and LuFisto, three warriors of the ring for whom wrestling is both a passion and an escape from everyday injustice. 


Sisters of Wrestling is a feature-length documentary focusing on the condition of women in the wrestling scene in Quebec. While Loue must balance her new role as a mother with that of a wrestler, Azaelle tries to make the most of her final moments in the ring before an indefinite break, while LuFisto aspires to reach higher heights at the age of 42. Through an intimate approach, the film paints a sensitive portrait of these ring warriors for whom wrestling is both a passionate love and a daily outlet.

Theme(s): , Culture, Feminism, Portrait, Sociology


Director | , Sarah Baril Gaudet
Year | , 2023
Country | , Québec
Duration | 67 minutes
Original language | , English, French
Subtitles | , French
Sound | Jacob Marcoux
Sound design | Marie-Pierre Grenier
Sound mixing | Olivier Germain
Music | Peter Venne
Editing | Justine Gauthier
Cinematographer | Sarah Baril Gaudet
Cast | Azaelle, Loue O'Farrell, Lufisto



Sarah Baril Gaudet


Sarah Baril Gaudet is a Montreal-based director and cinematographer. In 2016, she completed a bachelor’s degree in cinema at UQÀM where she obtained the “Best Documentary Hope” grant. Her first short film, Living Here, stood out in several international festivals. Sarah completed in 2020 her first feature documentary, Passage, selected at RIDM and nominated at Quebec Cinema Gala for Best cinematography in a documentary.


Rencontres internationales du documentaire de Montréal - RIDM • Carrousel de Rimouski • Festival Filministes • Vues sur mer



14 August 2024 at 20h15

Parc St-Mark 

The film will be followed by a discussion with the director, Sarah Baril-Gaudet.

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