When Funambules Médias was founded in 2008, it had three components: video production, training and documentary film distribution. In 2010, the great adventure of the Cinéma sous les étoiles begins. From its modest beginnings in Laurier Park, the event quickly took off to become a true festival of social and political documentary films. Funambules Médias' Cinéma sous les étoiles is now a pioneer in outdoor screenings and one of the largest events of its kind.

More than a screening space, Cinéma sous les étoiles is a place for public debate where the political issues that plague our time are made accessible. Conceived as a local event, its decentralized structure directly involves neighborhood parks in a dozen Montreal boroughs. In collaboration with local organizations and various social and environmental movements, our gatherings allow citizens to take over the public space and build solidarity with the community. Aimed at a wide audience and with a view to social change, Cinéma sous les étoiles democratizes documentary films, once reserved for film buffs, in order to build bridges between filmmakers and the public.

Our programming of social, political and environmental documentaries is attentive to current local and international issues. It tries to offer a balance between art and social commitment, between the cinematographic strength of the works and the strength of its subject.

More than just screenings, the films are accompanied by lively discussions about the works and the issues addressed with the filmmakers and specialists in the themes covered. These discussions encourage the development of critical thinking and the refinement of public discourse.

Today, this 15th edition of the festival features some 49 free, friendly citizen screenings in 20 parks and outdoor venues across Montreal. With these proximity events in the heart of the public space, both film buffs and the uninitiated can access our selection of local and international works, short and feature-length documentaries.

Over the years, the Cinéma sous les étoiles of Funambules Médias has become a not-to-be-missed event for Montreal summers, attracting more than 10,000 people each year.