Hebron Relocation

A candid look at her community's difficult past, the filmmaker interweaves intimate stories and rare footage to offer a glimpse into life during the forced relocation of the Inuit of northern Labrador. 


Filmmaker Holly Andersen of Makkovik, Nunatsiavut, always knew that the house she lives in carries within its frame the echoes of the forced displacement of northern Labrador Inuit. In Hebron Relocation, Andersen explores what makes a place a home as she speaks with friends and family about how the relocation impacted generations of Labrador Inuit. Weaving together intimate stories from her community with rare footage that gives us a glimpse of community life during this upheaval, Andersen provides a heartfelt look at a difficult past that has changed the lives of Labrador Inuit forever.

Theme(s): , Colonialism, Culture, First nations


Director | , Holly Andersen
Year | , 2022
Country | , Canada
Duration | 15 minutes
Original language | , English
Subtitles | , French



Holly Andersen


Holly Andersen is a filmmaker and photographer from the community of Makkovik, Nunatsiavut. Andersen’s work celebrates the intimate details, connections and histories that characterize northern life. Her practice focus on her life in Makkovik, friends, family, community members and the beauty of northern landscapes and wildlife. Andersen’s photography has been displayed in museums and galleries across Canada.


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24 July 2024 at 20h45

Parc des Compagnons-de-Saint-Laurent 

This film is included in screening Short film competition – Programme #3