☂️ Alerte Pluie - Les projections prévues ce soir au Parc Molson et au Parc Notre-Dame-de-Grâce de Bye Bye Tibérias et La panthère des neiges sont annulées. ☂️

Marie Amiguet

Photo du réalisateur

Marie Amiguet has a bachelor’s degree in biology. She quickly chose to live a nomadic and adventurous life by travelling through the West Indies, Africa and South America to work on an ad hoc basis. Thus, her experiences encouraged her to pursue her childhood dream of making wildlife documentaries. She returned to France to follow a training in Master Technique of wildlife documentary in Ménigoute, where she met Jean-Michel Bertrand. Seduced by her personality and her project, Marie Amiguet embarked on the adventure as a cameraman alongside Jean-Michel for two and a half years. Today, in need of large spaces in the mountains or at sea, Marie is realized by practicing climbing and paragliding when her schedule allows it between her wildlife documentary projects.


The Velvet Queen, 2020
La vallée des loups, 2016