Ocean seen from the heart

Once perceived as infinite and unchanging, the ocean is now suffering the alarming impact of our actions on its biodiversity and temperature. "L'Océan vu du cœur" highlights its fragility and remarkable capacity for regeneration, while underlining the crucial importance of preserving it. 


For a long time, the ocean seemed unalterable and limitless, but the impact of our actions on its biodiversity and temperature has become increasingly alarming. In Ocean Seen From the Heart, the sequel to Heart Seen from the Heart, Hubert Reeves, surrounded by passionate scientists and explorers, invites us to rediscover what threatens it and, above all, its phenomenal capacity for regeneration. A hymn to life at its richest, most precious and necessary to preserve if we are to survive, among other species, on our blue planet.

Theme(s): , Climate Crisis, Environnement


Director | , Iolande Cadrin-Rossignol, Marie-Dominique Michaud
Year | , 2023
Country | , Québec
Duration | 97 minutes
Original language | , English, French
Subtitles | , French
Image | Noé Sardet
Sound | Fabienne Lucet
Editing | Pierre Tremblay
Producer | Chantale Pagé, Marie-Dominique Michaud
Distributor | Chantale Pagé



Iolande Cadrin-Rossignol


Iolande Cadrin-Rossignol has been involved in various capacities in the Quebec film industry. After advanced studies in theater and music, she worked in radio and television. She then dedicated herself to screenwriting, production, and directing numerous cinematic works that have always reached a wide audience. In the meantime, she became a producer at the National Film Board, director of external production at Radio-Canada, and interim director of the Cinémathèque québécoise for nearly four years. Since 1999, her most significant works, centered around astrophysicist Hubert Reeves, have revealed her ability to create captivating scientific content with Conteur d'étoiles and Du Big Bang au Vivant. With La Terre vue du cœur — avec Hubert Reeves," she openly expressed her own ecological commitment, which had, in fact, been the driving force behind her first foray into cinema in 1973. In a similar vein, in L’Océan vu du cœur, co-directed with Marie-Dominique Michaud, she offers an even broader vision of the state of biodiversity and climate on the planet.


Marie-Dominique Michaud


Passionate about content and creation, Marie-Dominique has over 15 years of experience in managing multidisciplinary teams in new media, television, and film, primarily as a producer. Notably, she has worked on innovative projects such as Les Enfants de La Bolduc (multiple award-winning in Quebec and internationally), In the Mouth, and Loov.ca in new media, Toi & Moi series (3 seasons broadcasted on Radio Canada) in television, and fiction feature films Le Torrent by Simon Lavoie and Gurov & Anna by Rafaël Ouellet, as well as the documentary La Terre vue du cœur by Iolande Cadrin Rossignol, for which she co-wrote the script. With L’Océan vu du cœur, she marks her first co-direction.





10 August 2024 at 20h30

Centre de la nature 

The film will be followed by a discussion with the director, Iolande Cardin-Rossignol.

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15 August 2024 at 20h15


The film will be followed by a discussion with the co-director Iolande Cardin-Rossignol.

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