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Short film competition – Programme #2

Second program of the Cinéma sous les étoiles 2023 short documentary competition. 


CSE 2023

French Enough

At her family’s cabin on Wakaw Lake, Saskatchewan, renowned Fransaskois singer-songwriter Alexis Normand invites audiences into a series of candid exchanges about belonging and bilingualism on the Prairies. 
CSE 2023

The Way I Welcome You

Detained with her family while seeking asylum in Scotland, Khabat now shares with her sister the imprint of those memories in her daily life and they explore how their memories have been transformed with the passage of time. These recollections are attached to the places she inhabited, revealing her transformation through resonances of her memories in the present. 
CSE 2023

Alambic : Terre ferme

Terre ferme is a poetic and sonorous travelogue, a diary that reveals the thoughts of an immigrant woman, back in her country of origin. This film refers to the personal experience of discovering different territories and the feeling of being both elsewhere and at home. 
CSE 2023


For the past three years, a young Mexican asylum seeker has been forced to put his academic career and his dream of becoming a police officer on hold due to his immigration status. 


Second program of the Cinéma sous les étoiles 2023 short documentary competition. Following our short film week, the winners will be announced at a special evening of award-winning films on Wednesday August 2, 2023 at 8:45 pm at Laurier Park.


25 July 2023 at 20h45

Parc Médéric-Martin