Amparo Fortuny

Photo du réalisateur

Filmmaker and producer. She founded The Next Day Films in Scotland and has directed and produced documentaries, music videos and artfilms. Her Spanish feature documentary Estudiar en primavera has been shown internationally in Film Festivals and Cinematheques with significant media repercussions and now is distributed by Mubi and Filmin, the main VOD platform for independent cinema in Spain. The Way I Welcome You, her last work, explores how memories and the places inhabited along the way, resonate in the present to interact with identity and life meaning.


La Mata, 2013
Estudiar en primavera, 2015
Being a Plant Until I Die, 2019
DOCMA Damage, 2020
They Are Tireless, 2021
The Way I Welcome You, 2022


CSE 2023

The Way I Welcome You

Detained with her family while seeking asylum in Scotland, Khabat now shares with her sister the imprint of those memories in her daily life and they explore how their memories have been transformed with the passage of time. These recollections are attached to the places she inhabited, revealing her transformation through resonances of her memories in the present.