Vibrations from Gaza

Vibrations from Gaza delves into the lives of deaf children in Gaza, who witness the violence of Israeli military operations. Amani, Musa, Israa and others share their poignant memories of bombings, drones and collapsing buildings. The film also questions the origin of their deafness: natural or caused by Israeli sonic weapons.

Been There

The desire to travel is strong, but the places we visit are crowded. What do we get out of it, if not proof in pictures that we've been there? How tourists, in search of the best photos, become invaders.
CSE 2023


In search of a 15-day huis-clos, a filmmaker finds himself captive on a trawler on the high seas, where his distress intertwines with the fate of what he is filming. A sensory experience between expectation and panic, this first short film has become the expiatory film of a traumatized filmmaker.
CSE 2023

Flying Fish

For centuries, flying fish have been understood as symbols of freedom and achievement. They are unique animals that swim and fly, reflecting the possibility of hope. Their transit has been understood as an observational journey through nature, but the impact of human beings and technology is increasing, transforming the environment.