Sam Soko

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Sam Soko is an award-winning director, producer, and editor based in Nairobi, Kenya. He is co-founder of LBx Africa, a Kenyan production company that works to bring uniquely African perspectives to global audiences. LBx Africa produced the 2018 Academy Award – nominated short Watu Wote.

His first feature-documentary Softie, a story about balancing the deep love of country with his role as a father, premiered at Sundance 2020, winning a special jury prize for editing. His satirical radio play The New Bwana was produced and broadcast by BBC 4.


Free Money, 2022
Softie, 2020


CSE 2023

Free Money

This documentary offers a fascinating and critical case study of a universal basic income project established in the Kenyan village of Kogutu by GiveDirectly, an NGO convinced that it has found a foolproof algorithm to end global poverty.