Quebec Premiere
CSE 2023

My Imaginary Country

October 2019, an unexpected revolution, a social explosion. Chile had recovered its memory. The event I had been waiting for since my student struggles in 1973 finally materialized. 


October 2019, an unexpected revolution, a social explosion. One and a half million people demonstrated in the streets of Santiago for more democracy, a more dignified life, a better education, a better health system and a new Constitution. Chile had recovered its memory. The event I had been waiting for since my student struggles in 1973 finally materialized.

Theme(s): , Democracy, Feminism, Human Rights, Politics, Social struggle, Sociology


Director | , Patricio Guzmàn
Year | , 2022
Country | , Chile
Duration | 83 minutes
Original language | , Spanish
Subtitles | , English
Image | Samuel Lahu
Sound | Aymeric Dupas, Juan Carlos Maldonado Dubo
Production | Renate Sachse
Distribution | Alberto Alvarez Aguilera



Patricio Guzmàn


Patricio Guzmán was born in 1941 in Santiago de Chile. He studied at the «Official School of Cinematographic Art» in Madrid. He has dedicated his career to documentary cinema. His films have screened in many festivals and received international recognition. Between 1972 and 1979, he directed The Battle of Chile, a five-hour trilogy about Salvador Allende's period of government and its fall. This film is the foundation of his cinema. The North American magazine CINEASTE named it "one of the 10 best political films in the world." After Pinochet’s “coup d'état”, Patricio Guzmán was arrested and imprisoned for two weeks in the National Stadium, where he was repeatedly threatened by simulated executions. In 1973, he left Chile and moved to Cuba, then to Spain and France, but remained very attached to his country and its history. He presides over the International Documentary Festival in Santiago de Chile (FIDOCS), which he created in 1997.

The Cordillera of dreams, presented in the official selection at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival, closes a trilogy which begun with Nostalgia for the lights (Cannes 2010) and The pearl button (Berlin 2015). His new film, My imaginary country, is selected at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival.


Festival de Cannes · Festival international du film de Toronto · Viennale · Festival international du film de Saint-Sébastien



30 June 2023 at 21h15

Parc Sir-Wilfrid-Laurier

Opening event of the 14th edition of Cinéma sous les étoiles.

The screening will be followed by a discussion with Sergio Martinez, retired philosophy professor, author of the books Tiempos de andar lejos (1990), translated into English as Chronicles of Exile (1992), Entre Lenin y Lennon (1996) and co-author of the book Présence chilienne dans la Belle Province (2021). He wrote for the Chilean magazine Análisis, the newspaper El Popular (Toronto), and the Montreal Times. He is also a founding member of the Tiempo Latino/Latin Time radio show on McGill Radio.

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