Canadian Premiere
CSE 2023

Cobalt rush : the future of going green

Electric cars hold the promise of a clean ecological transition. The global automotive market is concentrating its efforts on competitive production, the key to which is the exploitation of the blue gold, cobalt. This mineral is needed for batteries, and is mainly found in the Congo. But at what price? 


Cobalt, the blue gold, is essential for electric cars, which hold out the promise of a clean ecological transition. The global automotive market is concentrating its efforts on competitive production of this mineral, which is essential for batteries. It is found mainly in the Congo and, closer to home, in Finland. But at what human and environmental cost?

Theme(s): , Economy, Environnement, Human Rights, Work


Director | , Arnaud Zajtman, Quentin Noirfalisse
Year | , 2023
Country | , Belgium, France
Duration | 86 minutes
Original language | , English, Finnish, German, Swahili
Subtitles | , French
Image | Quentin Devillers, Thibault Delavigne
Sound | Arnaud Zajtman, Falko Hackebeil, Frédéric Cristea, Hugo Fernandez, John Quinn, Sirius Kestel, Valentin Guillaume
Editing | Catherine Catella
Production | Arnaud Zajtman, Muriel Sorbo, Quentin Noirfalisse
Distribution | Isabelle Graziadey



Arnaud Zajtman


Arnaud Zajtman directs and produces documentaries on complex and international geopolitical issues. Before directing and producing, Arnaud Zajtman was the BBC’s permanent correspondent in Africa for over ten years, mainly in the Democratic Republic of Congo. His reports have also appeared in Le Monde, Libération and Le Soir. He won the Bayeux War Correspondents Award in 2003 and a nomination to the BBC Awards.


Quentin Noirfalisse


Quentin Norfalisse is a freelance journalist for many magazines (Le Soir, L'express, Notre Afrique, AlterEchos,, etc.) and co-founder of the Belgian investigative magazine Medor ( Since 2014, he has been producing and directing investigative documentaries at his company Dancing Dog. He directed in 2017 The Minister of Garbage, selected at fespaco, Dok Leipzig and more than twenty international festivals.


FIPADOC International Documentary Film Festival



18 July 2023 at 21h00

Parc Médéric-Martin

A discussion with Jacques Mwanga Nzumbu, PhD student and researcher at Centre de Recherche en Sciences Naturelles, whose thesis focuses on strategic minerals and energy transition in Congo, will follow the screening.