Rodrigue Jean

Photo du réalisateur

Following studies in biology, sociology and literature, Rodrigue Jean concentrated on dance and choreography before directing his first short film, La Déroute, in 1989. He then moved to London to train as a choreographer. At the same time, he returned to France to make the documentary La voix des rivières and the short fiction film La mémoire de l'eau. Two popular and critically acclaimed feature-length dramas followed: Full Blast and Yellowknife. His documentaries La voix des rivières and L'extrême frontière (2005) pay tribute to his Acadian roots, while his documentary Hommes à louer (2007) depicts the world of sex workers in Montreal. His next films included Lost Song, L'amour au temps de la guerre civile and L'acrobate, all of which were screened at several film festivals.


2012/Throught the Heart, 2022
L'amour au temps de la guerre civile, 2014
Hommes à louer, 2007
Full Blast, 1999