International Premiere
CSE 2023


The death of my great-grandmother Sofía is a taboo in the family. The surface of this story is known, but not the background and much less the beginning, only its tragic end. The answers are in the family, in my grandparents and my uncles. 


I didn't know my great-grandmother. I only know the way she was murdered and the many versions of the story. However, what really matters to me is to discover who she really was, who she was as a woman, mother, wife, grandmother, daughter, sister, etc. I am interested in knowing why there was a femicide in my family and why nobody talks about it, what were the circumstances around the event and why it affected generation after generation.

Theme(s): , Human Rights, Violence


Director | , Diana Muñoz
Year | , 2022
Country | , Mexico
Duration | 16 minutes
Original language | , Spanish
Subtitles | , English
Image | Vastian Mora
Distribution | Andre Garcia



Diana Muñoz


A graduate of the BA in Audiovisual Media with a production direction from CAAV University of Audiovisual Media, she is the winner of the Women in Film and Television Award at the 48-hour Mexico 2021 film project. Member of Metakínesis Audiovisual collective, university team for the production of independent films, she is producer on multiple audiovisual projects of short films, video clips, and advertisements. 



26 July 2023 at 20h45

Parc Sir-Wilfrid-Laurier

This film is included in screening Short film competition – Programme #3