Canadian Premiere
CSE 2023

Entre tes mains

Marie has been working with farmers' seeds, the guardians of cultivated biodiversity, for over a decade. She fights to preserve this intangible heritage. Behind her strength of action lies a very sensitive relationship with the world and with plants. 


Once upon a time, farmers' seeds were the guardians of cultivated biodiversity. Marie has been working with them for over ten years, at an altitude of 900 m, at the bottom of the Roya valley in the Alpes-Maritimes. In her eyes, they are a precious treasure of our civilization. A farmer with a fierce desire to preserve this intangible heritage, Marie defends a battle she can't fight alone. Her strength of action overshadows a very sensitive relationship with the world and with plants. So how do we strike a balance between battle and enchantment, so as to find an echo beyond? a reality where diversity and food autonomy are being turned upside down.

Theme(s): , Agriculture, Environnement, Feminism, Rurality


Director | , Aurore Émaille
Year | , 2023
Country | , France
Duration | 57 minutes
Original language | , French
Image | Boris Münger
Sound mixing | Shaun-Nicholas Gallagher
Music | Camille Émaille
Editing | Noémie Loeve
Production | Christophe Camoirano



Aurore Émaille


Aurore Émaille grew up in the Mercantour region of Nice. After studying art (Ecole Estienne Paris, Haute Ecole des Arts du Rhin Strasbourg, Academy of Fine Arts Bologna) and some time spent in Italy, she moved back to the Alpes-Maritimes department at the foot of the mountains. A multidisciplinary artist-director, she is interested in natural and cultural heritage and, through artistic creation, tries to question the links between humans and their living environment.


Cannes' International Ecological and Social Film Festival



4 July 2023 at 21h15

Esplanade Louvain

A discussion with Lyne Bellemare, founder of Terre Promise, a rare and endangered vegetable seed company, will follow the screening.