2023 Edition – Short films competition

For 9 years, Le Cinéma sous les étoiles by Funambules Médias has been organizing a competition for documentary short films to celebrate the quality of works created here and elsewhere. After receiving nearly 200 short films, our programming team has selected 25 films. In addition to seeking a strong author's perspective, we have paid particular attention to the aesthetic quality and cinematography of the submitted documentaries, striving for a balance between art and social engagement.


The short film programming is divided into 3 categories: Quebec programming, Canadian programming, and International programming. A jury composed of animation film professor Pascal Anh Tuấn Huỳnh, founder of the organization Brique par brique Faiz Abhuani, and director Émilie Beaulieu-Guérette will award a "Coup de cœur" prize among the Quebec programming films.

On August 3rd, during our evening of award-winning short films, we will unveil the winners of our competition and present the various prizes to the filmmakers.

Punchline Award – awarded in the Quebec programming category to the film that stands out for the strength of its message. Prize of $3000 in services from Vidéographe and $2500 in services from SLA Location.

Cinematography Award- awarded in the Quebec programming category to the film that stands out for its cinematographic qualities and artistic direction. Prize of $2000 in production services from Main Film and $1500 in services from Bande à part.

Best Emerging Filmmaker Award – warded in the Quebec programming category, the prize will be given to a debut film. Residency valued at $7000 at Paraloeil.

Best Canadian Short Film Award- awarded in the Canadian programming category. $500 cash prize awarded by Observatoire du Documentaire and $500 cash prize awarded by Les Films du 3 Mars.

Best International Short Film - awarded in the international programming category $250 cash prize awarded by Tënk.

Student Favorite Award – awarded in the Quebec programming category, will be awarded by a jury of students $5000 in services awarded by L’ACIC/ONF.

Thanks to our various partners, Le Cinéma sous les étoiles will award prizes totaling over $20,000.

Thank you to our partners! 

Competition Jury

Professionnel Jury

Pascal Anh Tuấn Huỳnh was born in Montreal to Vietnamese parents. He receives fragments of various cultures through school, television, and family. Teaching digital arts at Champlain College and animation cinema at Concordia University, he is also involved in social entrepreneurship in hopes of provoking social change.

Faiz Abhuani is the founder of the organization Brique par brique, which aims to promote the development of social housing. With academic backgrounds in international cooperation and real estate, as well as experience in the community sector, Faiz considers the challenges and opportunities related to the de-commercialization of the city in his efforts to promote access to housing based on the needs of residents and their communities.

Émilie B. Guéretterooted in Quebec with her heart in Brazil, she is trained in anthropology and documentary filmmaking at INIS. She has chosen documentary as a weapon to denounce injustices and as a declaration of love towards the excluded of this world. Her first feature film, "L’Autre Rio," delves into the daily lives of those forgotten during the 2016 Olympics in Brazil. In 2023, she co-directed "L’Audience," tracing the journey of a Congolese family seeking asylum in Canada.

Student Jury

Adèle Fogliais a master's student in cinema at Concordia University. She is interested in new narratives in documentary filmmaking as well as the manipulation of memory.

Nada Cheddadi is graduated from Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane with a degree in business management and joined a consulting firm dedicated to the African continent, where she gained experience in business development. After a few years, she shifted her focus and joined the INIS Mixed Program – producer profile. She emerged from the program with a documentary, a variety show, and two web series to her credit.

Zora Bardet is specialized in audiovisual production in France. After 3 years of studies and directing a fiction film in Paris, it was upon arriving in Quebec that she wanted to get closer to directing by joining the EMCV in Rivière-du-Loup, allowing her to make a short film about gender binary. Always close to regional cinema, she wants to leverage her experience as a producer for the city of Quebec.

Winners of 2023

On August 3rd, during our evening of award-winning short films, we unveiled the winners and presented the various prizes to the filmmakers. Here are the films that stood out the most during the short film competition of the 14th edition of Cinéma sous les étoiles!