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Cinéma sous les étoiles de Funambules Médias is excited to launch its 2018 Call for Submissions for Documentary Shorts to be presented during the 9th edition of its festival. The application period will be open until April 1st, 2018, and there are no costs to apply.

Cinéma sous les étoiles is a festival that showcases more than 70 grassroots, community-friendly and free documentaries that shed light on crucial and increasingly worrying social, political, and environmental issues.

Our projections offer much more than just the joy of appreciating a documentary short in the open air, they also represent a meeting place for members of the community to come together and build bridges. They offer a space for citizens to exchange ideas, engage in open discussions on local and international political issues, and discover the exceptional work of documentary makers from here and abroad.


We are looking for documentary shorts that have a strong focus on social justice and inclusion, and that tackle head-on the big political, social and environmental issues of our time.  

In addition to looking for a strong creator’s viewpoint, we will pay special attention to the aesthetic and cinematographic quality of the documentaries submitted in order to strike a balance between art and social engagement.

All documentary shorts submitted will be reviewed by our selection committee. Approximately 30 documentaries will make the cut for the official section.


The selected documentaries will be divided into 3 categories for the showings: the Independent Next-Gen of Quebec, National Programming, and International Programming. In total, four awards will be given to works that truly stand out, by our panel of judges composed of a cinematographer, an intellectual, and a militant.

  • Impact Award: Awarded under the Independent Next-Gen of Quebec category to the documentary that had the most compelling point of view,
  • Cinematographic Award: Awarded under the Independent Next-Gen of Quebec category to the documentary that had the best artistic and photographic quality,
  • Best National Documentary Short Award, and
  • Best International Documentary Short Award.

Thanks to its collaborations with SPIRA and Main Film, Cinéma sous les étoiles will be able to support emerging filmmakers by awarding a total of 9 000 $ in production and post-production services to our two winners in the Next-Gen of Quebec category.


Works submitted must:

  • Have a maximum showing time of 30 minutes,
  • Be presented in their original French-language version or have French subtitles, and
  • Have been produced between 2016 and 2018.  

Eligibity criteria for the Independent Next-Gen Of Quebec Catégorie

All documentaries must respect the core eligibility criteria, in addition to being produced in Quebec and have at least one producer who is below 35 years of age at the time the movie was shot. Independent works are those that have been produced by artists that fully retained editorial and creative control. Movies produced in the context of a student program are considered independent by our organization.

Eligibity criteria for the National Category

All documentaries must respect the core eligibility criteria, in addition to having been produced in Canada.

Eligibity criteria for the International Category

All documentaries must respect the core eligibility criteria and can have been produced anywhere outside of the country.


Funambules Médias is an independent organization dedicated to creating a society that is just, inclusive, and free of all forms of oppression. It does so by means of artistic actions that favour the development of a critical spirit, the sharing of knowledge, and by showcasing voices that are traditionally underrepresented. It is engaged in the global process for social change by offering an autonomous media outlet to creators inspired by humanitarian values, by giving a platform to under-represented voices, and by stimulating grassroots participation in democratic life.